Thursday, November 8, 2007

Realm Shift by Alan Baxter (A)

Realm ShiftIsiah, once a mortal man, is an agent of The Balance looking for Samuel Harrigan, a man whose untimely death is about to upset the balance of powers between the gods and between good and evil. Isiah leads an interesting existence, wandering the earth as a kind of divine repairman. Now he must repair a doozy.

Realm Shift is an inventive and action-packed story set in the shadow land where the supernatural and the mundane meet head on. One of the more inventive aspects of the story is the idea that people create their own god simply by believing in them. Of course, this means that there are many such gods and that without The Balance, a mysterious force that keeps the order, there would be chaos and, eventually, one god would reign supreme. Harrigan is a man who can prevent such a thing, and Isiah must keep him alive and guide him to fulfill his destiny of killing an assassin. Will he succeed against the full fury of the Devil and his minions who want Harigan's soul before he can fulfill his destiny? Will he snatch Harrigan's soul from the very bottom of Hell and Devil's grasp?

I liked the narrative drive and the interesting concept that Realm Shift is based on. I think that it would make an excellent movie - Realm Shift is definitely a hot concept property waiting to be plucked by a Hollywood creative exec.

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