Past Reviewers and Contributors:

Podler was the founder of this book review blog. He reviewed books, offered writing advice, and discussed publishing industry news. (2007-10)

Richard Abbott is the author of Far from the Spaceports, a near-future science fiction financial mystery, and other works. He reviewed for the blog. (2016)

Elizabeth K. Burton is an author and editor over at Zumaya Publications. She wrote an opinion piece about subsidy publishing. (2009)

Libby Cone is an author and editor. She reviewed books for the blog. (2010-13)

Sarah Cypher is an author and editor who wrote an advice column for indie authors entitled "The Final Page". (2010)

David "DED" Drazul is the author of Armistice Day and We'll Watch the Sunrise from the Bottom of the Sea. His short stories have appeared in The Harrow and Spinetinglers UK. He reviewed books for the blog and occasionally blathered on about stuff that happened in the publishing industry. (2010-16)

Erin Eymard is a mother, geek and avid reader. She mused about the publishing industry, posted writing advice, and reviewed books for this blog as well as her own, The Bookworm's Fancy. (2013-14, 2016)

Jesse Gordon is an author who contributed articles on the publishing, TV, and magazine industries. (2009-10)

S. B. Jung is the author of Lines of Neutrality. She reviewed books for the blog. (2010-11, 2015)

Steven Reynolds reviewed traditionally and independently published books for the blog. (2009)

Rob Steiner is the author of the Codex Antonius and Journals of Natta Magus series as well as other works. He reviewed books for the blog and opined about publishing. (2011-14)

Bertha Thacule reviewed books for the blog. (2013-14, 2016)

Kristen Tsetsi is an author. She wrote an article entitled: "Advice for People Who Take Writing Advice". (2007)

John Vorhaus is an author. He wrote an essay on marketing for us. (2014)

Bob 5k is a guitar player for the band, Terror From The Year 5000. He reviewed a book for the blog. (2011)