Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Results of the "Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off"

Last year, Mark Lawrence convinced ten blogs that normally only review traditionally published books to participate in his "Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off". 300 entries were sifted down to 10 finalists. The winner was announced this past weekend. We really haven't covered indie fantasy since 2014—those reviewers have resigned from this blog—so I recommend that you look through the list and follow the links offered to learn more.

Book cover for the 10 Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off finalists.

I applaud Mark Lawrence's initiative and effort. I also applaud those review blogs for being open-minded enough to take on the challenge. I hope that this experience changes their attitudes towards the multitude of authors who are either forced to self-publish or choose that path from the start. It seems suspiciously easy for people to forget that Hugh Howey, Martin Weir, Amanda Hocking, Anne Charnock, and Michael Sullivan (just to name a few) all got their start as indie authors. While I'm not saying that all self-published works are equal, they certainly deserve equal consideration at the 21st century equivalent of the book store.


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