Wednesday, May 16, 2007

PODler Book of the Month APRIL

Each month here at the PODler review blog we will pick one book that stands out especially among all others that were reviewed that month.

In April, we reviewed three particularly strong books, Chion by Darryl Sloan, North of Sunset by Henry Baum, and Lucius the Club by Michael Allan. It was a tough call because all the books are very strong. I chose Chion because of its high concept and human drama mix.

May looks to be very interesting as we have very strong contenders in Heart of Mars, A Prayer at Rumayla, The Father, and Storyteller. But the month is not yet at an end and who knows, maybe some entry that is yet to come will blow the others out of the water?


Henry Baum said...

Thanks for the extra link. I like the gray. But I also liked the book store up top.

Anonymous said...

the bookstore was causing some loading problems for the blog and hardly anyone visited it.

Darryl Sloan said...

Hey, thanks for picking my novel as Novel of the Month! It was a nice surprise to drop back here and see that.