Book Cover Designers

We're tired of seeing crappy book covers, so we've compiled a list of book cover designers who will either create your book cover from scratch or sell you a pre-made one that you can customize. Unless you're a graphic designer, do yourself a favor and check these sites out. People really do judge books by their covers.

Here's the list. We're not affiliated with any of them, but DED bought a cover from Go On Write and he was quite happy with it. Rob Steiner has had covers designed by Jack Baker and Tom Edwards and was happy with both of their work.

Nathan Shumate (Cover Critics, Lousy Book Covers) has compiled a list of his own.

Should you insist upon doing the cover yourself, please do yourself a favor: Run it by CoverCritics. Over there you'll receive free, constructive criticism about your design.

Legal Disclaimer: None of the people associated with this blog receives any sort of kickback or commission or payment of any kind for referring you to these sites. We just want to see this blog run out of material.

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