Thursday, May 31, 2007

PODler Book of the Month MAY

May brought some very exciting books such as Prayer at Rumayla, The Father, The Heart of Mars, and Storyteller. All of these books are strong in some respect or another, but only one can be named book of the month.

I have had a hard time deciding, especially between The Father and Prayer at Rumayla: both are very strong human stories, which is what makes a good reading. In the end, I have chosen Prayer at Rumayla because it is a compelling and well-written human drama about a returning Gulf War veteran searching for closure and a new beginning.


Stephen and Michael said...

Thanks very much for the extra mention of The Father. Delighted that I was even considered for your book of the month. Keep up the great work and congratulations to Prayer at Rumayla.

POD Critic said...

Funny how both authors who were interviewed were graced with your Book of the Month status. Coincidence? If that keeps up, you'll limit the suspense in all this.

Charles Sheehan-Miles said...

Wow... thank you. I am really honored, both by the kindness of the review you posted as well as selecting as the book of the month.

pod critic ... that's just funny.

P.S. I'll be sending you a review copy of Republic very shortly!

brittenadm said...

I've been reading this site for the past couple of months. In relation to pod critic's comment, I'm also finding the reviews a bit too cosy. A small dose of the Miss Snark (she will be missed) might help.