Saturday, June 30, 2007

PODler Book of the Month JUNE

Because the June book of the month was to be chosen by popular vote only, and because Entrekin has the most votes, Entrekin is the book of the month for June.

Next month we return to the editorial choice method.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's *me*.

That's so rad.

No, but seriously, I know there were some issues about how driven by popularity the poll may or may not have been, but I'm really humbled to have gotten any response whatsoever, nevermind one like that. As far as popularity contests and set-ups and the like, and especially as far as the idea that few voters (if any besides one) read all three votes, I fear those things are true in many cases.

In this case, in particular, however, I'm just grateful. So thanks PODler, first, for the attention, and to everyone who voted, however cast, for participating.

It's good to see people responding to reading. There's far too little of that in the world.

Anonymous said...

Um. That anonymous (11:29) is me, Will Entrekin, of course, in case the whole "That's *me*" thing didn't make that completely obvious. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Late, but congratulations!