Tuesday, October 30, 2007

International Print on Demand Book Award

2007 is nearly at an end and this means that the time to award the International Print on Demand Book Award is nearing. In December, the best POD book will be announced. This book will be one of five finalists that will be announced sometime in mid November. The following books below are in the process, and you can check out the reviews by clicking on the links. Some books that I will review next month may land on this pile, so this is not the final list. The prize will consist of "an IPOD Award Seal, or a an IPOD Finalist Award Seal, which shall consist of a .jpeg image, to place on book cover of their books." So, if you're the winner or one of the five finalists, you can print a new edition of your book with the seal graphic on your cover! It's just like the Pulitzer, really.

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Anonymous said...

I've only just noticed you're back (I've been away a while myself), but I'm really pleased to see it. Look forward to regular reading.

Will Entrekin