Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where Are They Now: Henry Baum

There is a new POD book review site out there, The Self Publishing Review (http://selfpublishingreview.com/) and it's run by Henry Baum, the author of North of Sunset.

I really like the look of the site and the fact that it seems to cover more than just reviews: there are columns that deal with cover design, a news section, and a review of publishers in the self-publishing world.

Henry decided to create a review site in order to help legitimize self-publishing.
I've been meaning to do this for a while - one of my complaints about self-publishing is how little it's taken seriously.  I wanted to create a place that will hopefully legitimize self-publishing to some degree and get writers some attention.  It doesn't just cover book reviews, but every facet of self-publishing - news, how-to's, and the like.
Henry is also working on a new book.
I'm gearing up to release my next novel and I don't really have the heart or desire to deal with submitting it to publishers.  I've been working on this novel for a few years and it has some of the same issues as North of Sunset - it's not well-defined in any one genre.  The closest thing would be science fiction, but I'm not a science fiction writer, so I could see some negative responses.


Henry said...

Thanks for the mention. You've reviewed Frank Daniels' Futureproof in the past. Check out his guest post on the site now about going from self-published to Harper Collins. Think you'll like it.

Henry said...

Re: your comment on the site: "like it," was probably the wrong choice of words. But it does show a glaring honesty, which is why Futureproof is so powerful.