Monday, December 1, 2008

Selling E-books on

In an earlier post I wrote about the possibility that POD writers might see their sales decline in this economic climate. But a writer who wants to publish his work still has options. E-publishing is one possibility that seems to be especially attractive now.

Aaron Powell reports on his experience selling his E-book on
Getting setup as an Amazon publisher is easy. The only step beyond having an Amazon login account was to give them my bank information for payment (them paying me, that is—I didn’t have to pay them anything). Adding books takes slightly more work. Most of this consists of filling out forms (title, author, edition, description, price, etc.) and the bulk of the work is in formatting the manuscript for Kindle viewing.

What do you think? If you have published a book through POD, would you consider using to publish a new version or your next book direct to Kindle?
The novel has sold relatively steadily since publication, with a slight bump in October (people like to buy horror stories around Halloween, oddly enough). ”Relatively steadily” means roughly a copy a day—which is far better than I expected, actually, and an encouraging number for first outing.

Does anyone know whether this is more or less than daily sell through via POD? Seems to me that selling a book a day is pretty impressive, certainly something that is to be an exception in the POD model.

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