Friday, January 23, 2009

The Independent Novel Award for 2008

You may wonder what happened to the Independent Novel Award in 2008. Unfortunately, the blog did not receive enough quality submissions in 2008 to make the judging possible. Waiting for Spring was the only submission to emerge from the submission pile and The Ant King was an Internet find that I came across. The rest of the books reviewed were not self-published titles and so were ineligible for the award. Can't really award the award based on a pool of two books. Another problem that exists right now is that I am trying to figure out a new material submission procedure for the blog.

Currently I am reading The Sum of Life: The Worst Kind of Lies by John Patrick Lamont and Messages to My Son. I am also reading some books that I received from publishers to review. So despite the lack of activity on the blog, The Podler is busy. If you read the new Self-Publishing Review blog run by Henry Baum, you'd also see my review there. The Hidden Layer was another cool find that I came across.


Elizabeth K. Burton said...

If your goal is to give the award to a digitally printed book, why do you limit entries to self-publishers. There are many small, independent presses that also utilize on-demand printing.

Anonymous said...

I don't limit the award to digital books. In the past, I have accepted for review digital copies of books so as to make it easier for writers to submit their work for review. Printed review copies can be an expensive proposition if the author has to mail a number of them out for review. However, in recent months, I decided that the exposure to computer viruses is too great from digital copies and no longer accept them. I am trying to figure out a way to create a new submission process.