Friday, December 10, 2010

Submissions Update

Hi all,

We've received a lot of genre submissions of late so we're going to close the door to anything in the horror, fantasy, alternate history, thriller and science fiction categories. Rob, S.B. and I have enough to keep us busy for a while. Our two trainee reviewers are wading through the slush trying to get something together.

Fortunately, Libby, our literary reviewer, is still available to read your submissions. Just make sure that what you're submitting suits her tastes. If you're unsure, check her past reviews to get an idea.

Genre authors should check back sometime in January before submitting. Checking the "caught up through" date will give you an indication of our progress, though rejections will come sooner.

Reviews will continue. Rob Steiner will be posting one shortly. Libby, the trainees and I are reading submitted stories and will post our reviews when time permits. The holidays tend to get in the way. :)


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