Monday, May 9, 2011

Submissions Update

ClosedA month ago, we closed our submissions window and yes, we're still closed.

The good news is that we've finished with the February submissions. The bad news is that there were a lot of submissions in March. And the pace continued into April.

One of our blog's readers stated that he felt the onrush of submissions was due to a surge in our popularity. Perhaps. I suspect it's due to our appearance in Christy Pinheiro's Indie Book Reviewer Yellow Pages. Now that indie writers can turn to a singular source to obtain dozens of names of indie book review blogs, it's easier for them to find us. Sure, there was Google, but scrolling through a list of hundreds of links isn't as user friendly as a nicely formatted guide full of blog names, what genres they like/dislike, where to submit, and so on. Christy did all the work for them.

I can tell that people are finding us in there (rather than here), because we've received a few submissions after we closed. If these authors had checked us out for themselves at any point, they would've seen that we were closed and threatening to delete all who disturbed us while we got caught up.

We hope to open soon, but the way things are going, I'm thinking that it's going to be at least another month.


C. Pinheiro said...

Hey guys-- I'm glad the Indie Reviewer Yellow Pages increased your web traffic. I've gotten similar information from the other reviewers in the book. The second edition been a lot more popular than I expected-- and the buzz has been very good.

I hope it allows you to get some really great submissions, and thanks for giving indie books a chance (time to turn on affiliate links).

DED said...

Actually, it's become a bit of a nuisance as people are still blindly sending stuff to us without bothering to check to see if we're accepting submissions.