Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog News 7/11/12

Yeah, we're still here. Everyone is busy so there isn't much time for reviews.

We've added some social media buttons. They'll show up at the bottom of each post and review. You'll now be able to email, blog, tweet, post to facebook, or google+ whenever you see something here you'd like to share with the rest of the world. These buttons are located down near the link for comments.

For authors, we've got text at the top of the right column that will tell you whether or not we're open to submissions. That will save you from having to click on the "Submissions Guidelines" tab to find out our submissions status. However, you'll still have to click on it to find out who is accepting submissions and what they're interested in. And if you're reading our blog on a small wireless device, both the left and right columns are cut off so you'll have to click on the "view as webpage" (where available) link to see it. Otherwise you'll have to still rely on the "Submission Guidelines" tab.

And, as of this moment, we are indeed open to submissions. Well, Rob is anyway. Libby and I still have a couple of books on our plates. Visit the Submissions Guidelines page to see what Rob is interested in.

I expect to post a review for Trust, the sequel to Trang, later this month and then one from bizarro author Jeremy Robert Johnson in August. With luck, I'll be looking for slush in September.

In the meantime, if you have any desire to write reviews for this blog, get in touch with us. The more reviewers we have on board, the more indie books we can review.


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