Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cover Story - Adam Copeland

When hunting for an illustrator, the Web is often the best option for an indie author. Online galleries are the most convenient place to check out an artist's work. Adam Copeland realized that freelance artists are in the same boat as indie authors. They're unknowns looking to make their mark. Working together is a win-win for both parties.

When it came time to choose a cover for my book I perused, looking for artwork that was similar to what I had in mind. I found it, and made sure the artist was someone who was good, but not a professional (i.e., didn't make his living from his art). I emailed him and asked if he would be willing to be paid to make cover art for me. He was thrilled that someone wanted to offer money for his hobby and agreed.

My original concept, however, was still very complex, time consuming, and expensive, so we compromised on a simpler version. The result is the art I have now, which I've had nothing but compliments on. I've had comments such as "unique" and "iconic" and "eye catching."

I've also contracted a local artist to make images for a book trailer (you can see it on my website). That guy is a very talented up and coming recent college grad whom I met through a mutual friend. Again he wasn't a "professional" and his cost was significantly affordable for the quality I got. I blogged about the process we went through in creating my trailer which you can also find on my website.

The movie trailer can be a great marketing tool for an indie author. Here are Adam's blog posts about his experience: On Adam's website, you'll find a list of places where you can purchase Echoes of Avalon and read excerpts from the book.

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