Thursday, April 4, 2013

Forward Unto Social Media

GooglePlus iconWe've finally done it. The New Podler Review of Books has taken its first step into social media. You can now find us on GooglePlus.

So why did it take us so long? Because no one wanted to do it.

Back when the blog's namesake founder was here, site promotion was his responsibility. There was a MySpace page, but when he went AWOL that page stagnated and died. And then MySpace died too when everyone abandoned it for Facebook. While MySpace has come back from the dead as some music and movie industries promo monster, its new form is alien to us.

So that left the members of the Podler Staff to handle PR. Yes, we received your invites to friend you on Facebook but no one wanted the responsibility of managing a Facebook page. I abhor Facebook because I'm an anti-social curmudgeon. Excuse me a second. Hey, you kids! Get off my lawn! Where was I? Oh yeah, Facebook. So while I hate it, the others all have busy lives and didn't need the extra time suck.

So why are we now on GooglePlus? It's all Rob's fault.

Rob dragged me, kicking and screaming, to GooglePlus. After sitting around for a while, safely ignored under my rock, I realized that as far as social media goes, it wasn't so bad (I prefer GoodReads but that's different). I created a page for the Podler blog and invited the other staff members to become "managers" so that they can share in the headache... err uhh I mean why should I have all the fun? ;-)

So when we have reviews or other posts, we'll post a link there. There will be GooglePlus only content like the +1's and links to other articles. Hopefully someone with more social media sense than me will figure it all out and show me how it's done.



Rob Steiner said...

Today, GooglePlus; tomorrow, Twitter... ;)

DED said...

To be honest, that seems like less of a stretch than GooglePlus.