Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blogger Issue

It would seem that ours is one of several blogs that were damaged overnight. All of our links to our book reviews are gone. All of our links to other book review blogs are gone. Still trying to get a handle on this. I'm hoping that they can be restored from a backup as restoring all of them on my own would be exceedingly difficult.

UPDATE 9:25 AM EST: Used one of those archive websites to salvage the links just in case Google can't restore them. That knocks the task down from "Herculean" to a "slog."

UPDATE 9/30 12:00 PM EST: I received this message:
Restoring the gadgets may take up several days. You can add and fill the gadgets yourself, or wait for Blogger engineering to restore the repaired gadgets.
With no immediate resolution to this problem, I suppose I'll have to restore them myself when I find the time.

UPDATE 10/21 8:00 AM EST: I have finished restoring all of our blogrolls and book review link lists.


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