Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where Are they Now: Kristen Tsetsi

Another writer whose work Homefront was reviewed by the original Podler blog was the talented Kristen Tsetsi. Here's what she wrote in response to the burning question--

Since having Homefront reviewed by PODler, I've begun a new novel, The Year of Dan Palace. It's been slow-going. Work and life got in the way for a while...I started Palace shortly after Homefront's review, and shortly after that moved to Connecticut and became a newspaper staff writer. And it's difficult—for me, at least—to write fiction after a day filled with other writing. I've since left the job, however, and am happily once again able to immerse myself in a fiction zone. In the time since Homefront's review I've also founded and currently co-edit Tuesday Shorts, an online journal of very short fiction that includes original pieces by Jacquelyn Mitchard, Kris Saknussemm, and Richard Grayson—who, incidentally, was also reviewed in The PODler. I also began work as a freelance correspondent for online magazine Women's eNews, and will co-edit American Fiction, an anthology of fiction by emerging writers (deadline March 15 - visit or Tuesday Shorts for prize amounts and guidelines). [/plug] When in need of a break from the characters I'm working on in Palace, I write short pieces for Six Sentences.
As always, be sure to support this and other talented independent writers whose work was reviewed by the blog by purchasing their work.

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