Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where Are They Now? Rick R. Reed

Rick R Reed's book IM had been reviewed by The Podler blog in the past. Since that time, Reed had continued to write. In response to the burning question, Reed writes:

Where am I now? Since IM, I have had several novels published, all by small-press POD publishers. These include: In the Blood, a tragic vampire love story, Deadly Vision, a thriller about a reluctant psychic and the blossoming of evil in her small town, High Risk, about a bored housewife who picks up men while her husband is at work until she runs into a very handsome, and very psychotic stranger, Orientation, a paranormal thriller about love and reincarnation, and Dead End Street, a young adult horror novel. In addition, I have sold five eBook projects and several sales to print anthologies.
You can find out more about this prolific and talented author, "The Stephen King of gay horror" at the links below--
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