Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review of "Misanthropy's Ever-Expanding Wings" Web site by Libby Cone

Michael Chivulescu's site fills a niche: it will attract fans of post-modernist writing and graphics who are also conservative/libertarian. Bursting with interesting illustrations (unfortunately I was unable to play any of the embedded audio), the site asks “QUO VADIS, AMERICA?” and purports to answer the question with the channelings of one “Goddess Roxanna” (replete with pre-Raphaelite paintings), the imprecations of “Spartacus Metastasis,” and a story having something to do with immigrant Russian loan sharks. The site claims to be partially censored due to a “US District Court (SACU)” order. I don't know what SACU stands for in this instance. South African Customs Union? San Antonio Credit Union?
Most of the prose rails against organizations such as Amnesty International, Moveon.org, ACLU, etc., “relentlessly projecting from this wretched station all over the world their odious, blood-thirsty and de-basing (sic) secular humanistic tentacles!” My libertarian husband would probably enjoy the polemics, but he wouldn't appreciate the graphics. He would love the Morse code, though, so I think I'll show it to him.


DED said...

So was there a story? And was it any good?

Libby Cone said...

There were several stories. I didn't finish them. In this case, I think the medium is the message.

DED said...

I think the medium is the message.

Ack. I see. Did the author just discover Marshall McLuhan? That train left town years ago. We're no longer wowed by the sheer newness of the Web and what it can do. We get it. Substance, please.

Sorry. Crabby today.