Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Service: Editorial Referral

We'd like to announce a change in leadership at The New Podler Review of Books. Since Podler (the founder) has stepped down, the four of us have decided to carry on with the blog. Nature abhors a vacuum, and without Podler around to make decisions, we've discussed adding new features and practices to our reviews.

The first change is editorial referral. Sometimes we get submissions that look very much like rough drafts. Instead of giving them a poor review, we will respectfully decline them from now on and recommend an editor. We're building that pool of qualified editors, starting with our contributor, Sarah Cypher. To clear up any perception of potential impropriety, let it be known that none of the reviewers will receive a commission or referral fee of any kind. We do this with the intent of improving the quality of self-published books in the marketplace.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, and as always, look forward to providing the indie publishing community of writers and readers with helpful book reviews.

Update 9/3/10: We've now added Linda Chiara, Amberly Finarell and Den Fischer to our Editors' Pool.

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